How do I add a Surcharge?

How do I add a Surcharge?

On the Surcharge List View Screen click the button Add Surcharge to open the Create Surcharge page. Specify the details required and click the save button to add a Surcharge.
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    • How do I import Surcharge List?

      Tagrain does not allow you to import a Surcharge List. However, it does allow you to export the Surcharge List as an Excel spreadsheet from the Surcharge List View Screen. You may use this sheet for reporting purposes. Details and outcome of the ...
    • How do I export Surcharge List?

      All surcharges can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet from the Surcharge List View Screen. This exported list will be available on your local machine as an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Where can I download the excel template for Surcharge?

      The import template can be downloaded from the Surcharge List View Screen. Click on export to download the template with the existing Surcharges. You can edit this sheet to include additional Surcharge or edit the existing ones.
    • How do I add Users?

      Go to Setup >> User Management. On the User management page click on the Users button. On the Security Users page click on Add Security User button. On the Create User Page Specify the user information required and save the information to add user.
    • How do I add Stores?

      Go to Setup > Store Management > Stores then click on the Add Store button complete the required information and click Save, your store is now created and ready to use. To create a Store, you need to upgrade your subscription first.