How do I add Receipt Format?

How do I add Receipt Format?

Go to Setup > Store Management > Receipt Format. On this page click on the Add Print Format  button. On the Create Print Format Page Specify the information required in receipt and save the information to add Receipt format.
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    • How do I add a Goods Receipt?

      On the Goods Receipt list view, click on Add Goods Receipt to open the Create Goods Receipt screen. Specify the details required and click on save button to add a Goods Receipt. The Goods Receipt feature is available in Tagrain on activation of the ...
    • Can I Customize Receipt? Where can I do that?

      Yes, you can customize the receipt. The receipt can be customized using the Receipt Format button present on the store management page.
    • How do I add a Stock Transfer?

      Performing stock transfers in Tagrain is a two-step process that involves - Stock Transfer Shipment and Stock Transfer Receipt. Navigate to Home > Inventory Transaction > Stock Transfer Shipment. On the Stock transfer page click on the "Add Stock ...
    • Can receipt template be modified?

      Yes, the Receipt Template can be modified in Store setup. A receipt template is linked to the POS and all transactions printed from the POS will use the specified receipt template.
    • How do I add Users?

      Go to Setup >> User Management. On the User management page click on the Users button. On the Security Users page click on Add Security User button. On the Create User Page Specify the user information required and save the information to add user.