How do I add Stores?

How do I add Stores?

Go to Setup > Store Management > Stores then click on the Add Store button complete the required information and click Save, your store is now created and ready to use.  To create a Store, you need to upgrade your subscription first.
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    • If I select 1 store now and when my business expands, can I add or change this to 2 or more stores in Tagrain?

      Yes, you can create multiple stores, but only in the Essential edition. Both COMMUNITY and ENTERPRISE come with one store and one POS terminal. While additional POS terminals can be added in both the editions, additional stores can only be added in ...
    • Can I have a single login for all my stores?

      Yes, you can have Single login for all stores. You can create roles and assign roles to users under Setup > User Management. A user can be configured to have access to all stores.
    • Is It possible to see Inventory Levels across all stores?

      Yes, it is possible to view inventory across all stores. Comprehensive stock status across all stores can be viewed using the Inventory Report. The report can be filtered to display products which are In Stock, Low on Stock, or at a Critical stock ...
    • Can I get a consolidated report for all my stores?

      Yes, Consolidated reports for all your stores are available and can be viewed as Dashboards or Reports in Tagrain. Dashboards give a graphical and a consolidated view of the performance. The Dashboards give overview information about Customers, ...
    • How do I add Users?

      Go to Setup >> User Management. On the User management page click on the Users button. On the Security Users page click on Add Security User button. On the Create User Page Specify the user information required and save the information to add user.