Product Group

Product Group

Product Group

Product Group is a method of grouping products based on some common characteristics or features. Product group is a prerequisite to define a product master in the application.

Each product must be assigned a group in Tagrain. It helps to categorize the product data into appropriate categories. There is no limit to the number of groups you can create in Tagrain. However, a product can be a part of only one product group. It can also describe the nature of the product. For e.g., for a furniture retailer, there can be Product Groups such as the living room, kid’s section, and so on.

Home > Inventory > Product Group


There are no prerequisites for setting up a product group.

Create A Product Group

Go to Home > Inventory > Product Group. This will bring up the “Product Group List View” screen. All the existing Product Groups will be listed here on this screen.

Picture 1

Click on the “Add Product Groups” button in the top right corner.
It will open the “Create Product Group” card.

Picture 2

Fill in the required fields. The mandatory fields are marked with an (*) asterisk mark. The various fields in the Product Group card are explained below:

Specify a name for the Product Group. Similar categories of products will fall under this group. This will be displayed on the Web Register and Reports.

Is Default:
You can set if the product group is the default group or not. This means that when creating a new product, the group will automatically be populated into the product group field for that new product.

You can only have one product group as default at a time.

Add Product Image:
Add an image for the product group. To add an image simply click on the image icon in the top right corner. This image would be displayed on the Product Group Tile on the Web Register.

Once you have finished creating the product Group, you can either add it by clicking on the save button or cancel using the cancel button.

Delete a Product Group

On the product group selection page, click the symbol next to the product group you want to delete. You should see a confirmation dialog box asking you to confirm the deletion.

You will only be able to delete a product group if there are no attached products. Please note that integrated environments may restrict the deletion of a product group.

Edit a Product Group

Click on the Edit symbol to bring up the “Update Product Group” page, wherein you can update product group code | product group description etc. Once you have edited the product group, you can either choose to save your changes by clicking the “Save” button or choose to cancel your changes by clicking the “Cancel” button. Certain features may be restricted in integrated mode.

Product Groups are used in multiple places in Tagrain. These include functions such as reporting, discounting, and stock counts. These functions along with many others make it easier for end-users to use the system to the best of its ability.

Import a Product Group

Tagrain application does not allow you to “Import” a Product Group record.

Export a Product Group

Tagrain application allows you to “Export” a Product Group record. This helps you to view and edit the Product Group Data for reporting and administration purposes.
Click on the Export symbol to export a product group record. Clicking the “Export” symbol will download the Product Group.xls file to your “Downloads” folder. However, if you want to save the file to a different location on the drive, you may click the “Save As” button and then navigate to your desired location on the drive and click the “Save” button.

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