Inventory Report

Inventory Report


Inventory Report analyzes the stock status across 5 parameters. Inventory Status Report gives other details like, Quantity Sold, Quantity pending in Purchase Orders, Quantity reserved for delivery or pickup orders. 

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Inventory Report 
This report analyzes the stock status of products across 5 parameters:

In Stock 
These are products that have their Available Quantity > 0

Low Stock 
A product is marked Low Stock when its Available Quantity < Minimum Stock Level (specified in the product master)

Critical Stock
A product is marked Critical Stock when its 
Available Quantity < (Minimum Stock Level X 10) / 100

Zero Stock
Available Quantity = 0

Negative Stock
Available Quantity < 0

Steps To Generate Inventory Report

To generate Inventory Report, navigate to Home > Reports > Inventory Report, and perform the following steps:
-- Select a Store
-- Select a Product
-- Select a Product Group
-- Select a Filter type (In Stock, Low Stock, Critical Stock, Zero Stock, Negative Stock) 
-- Click on Search Button
-- Inventory Report for the selected fields is populated.
Once the report is generated, it can be then filtered by In Stock Only, Low Stock Only, Critical Stock, Zero Stock or Negative Stock.

Report Data

The Inventory Report data contains the following information:

The green circular dot represents that the product inventory is available. The red circular dot represents that the product is not available in inventory. 

Store is the name of the store where the stock is.

This is the code of the product.

This is the name and description of the product.

Product Group
This is the name of the product group to which the product belongs.

This is the brand name of the product listed for the inventory report.

Base Price
This is the base price of the product with which the product is listed in the warehouse.

Total Available Quantity
Reorder level is the level that has been set.

Products which are marked with a green dot signify products with sufficient stock, and those marked with a red dot signify products which are in negative stock.

Export the Inventory Report

Inventory Report can be exported using the "Export" button. Click on the Export button and browse to a location where you want to save the Inventory Report. Click on the Save button to save the file.

When exporting the Inventory report, the date is always exported in MM/DD/YYYY format irrespective of the date format specified in Display Settings ( Home > Setup > General Settings > Display Settings ) OR the date time format of the Operating System OR Excel.

Print the Inventory Report

Inventory Report can be Printed using the steps below: 

Step 1. Generate the Transaction Report.  

Step 2. Click the Print button to open the Print Preview page. 

Step 3. Select the destination printer. 

Step 4. Specify the number of copies and pages to be printed.

Step 5. Click on the Print button to print the Transaction Report. 

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