Customer Report

Customer Report


The term “Customer” used here, refers to a Tagrain Customer. Customer report is a snapshot of the customers created in the Tagrain application suite. The report depicts the group to which the customer belongs to along with the date and time when that customer was created. It also gives you the total value of sales made by that customer.
It can be generated on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis or quarterly basis, depending upon the need of the organization.  

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The purpose of the Customer Report is to keep a track of all the Tagrain customers, which helps the company in formulating marketing strategies to boost the sale figures. For e.g. The company can choose to use promotion tools (discounts, gift cards, coupons) against customers with less revenue to lure them into buying more products. 

Steps to generate a Customer Report

Go to Home > Reports > Customer Report. Upon clicking the Customer Report, an exhaustive list of all the customers created in Tagrain software suite is auto populated. To selectively filter the report, you may perform the following steps:

-- Select the Customer Group.
-- Specify the Date Range for which the report is to be generated.
-- Click on the Search button.
-- Customer Report for the specified fields is populated.

Report Data

The Customer Report data contains the following information:

Displays the customer ID and customer name. 

Customer Group
Displays the name of the group to which the customer belongs to. 

Creation Time
Displays the Date and the Time in the format specified under Display Settings, when the Customer was created.

Last Sale Date
Displays the Date and the Time in the format specified under Display Settings, when the last sale was made by the customer. 

Sales Value
Displays the value in currency of the sale incurred by the customer.  

Export the Customer Report

Customer Report can be exported using the “Export”  button. Click on the Export button and navigate to the location where you intend to save the Customer Report. Click on the Save button to save the file.  

Print the Customer Report

Tagrain allows you to print the Customer Report. You can follow the steps below to print the Customer Report.

Step 1. Generate the Customer Report.  

Step 2. Click the Print button to open the Print Preview page. 

Step 3. Select the destination printer. 

Step 4. Specify the number of copies and pages to be printed.

Step 5. Click on the Print button to print the Customer Report. 

When exporting the Customer report, the date is always exported in MM/DD/YYYY format irrespective of the date format specified in Display Settings ( Home > Setup > General Settings > Display Settings ) OR the date time format of the Operating System OR Excel.

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