Sales Target Report

Sales Target Report


Sales Target Report is a snapshot of the sale activities. It can be used to compare targeted performance with actual. It can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending upon the need.

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Steps To Generate Sales Target Report

To generate Sales Target Report, navigate to Home > Reports > Sales Target Report, and perform the following steps:
The "Sales Target" feature is unlocked upon activation of the "Sales Target Management" plugin. 
-- Select the Sales Target (this is mandatory).
-- Specify the Date Range for which the report is to be generated.
-- Click on the Search button.
-- Sales Target Report for the specified fields is populated.

Report Data

The Sales Target Report data contains the following information:

Target Type:
Target Type displays the Target audience.

Value displays the value as on a specific date.

Target Value:
Target Value is value to be achieved.

Actual Value:
Actual Value is the value on a specific date.

Creation Time:
Creation Time displays the Date and Time when the Sales Target Report was generated.

Last Modification Time:
Last Modification Time displays the Date and Time when the Sales Target Report was last modified.

Created By:
Created By displays the name of the person who created the Sales Target Report.

Modified By:
Modified By displays the name of the person who modified the Sales Target Report.

Export the Sales Target Report

Sales Target Report can be exported using the "Export" button. Click on the Export button and navigate to the location where you intend to save the Sales Target Report. Click on the Save button to save the file. 
When exporting the Sales Target report, the date is always exported in MM/DD/YYYY format irrespective of the date format specified in Display Settings ( Home > Setup > General Settings > Display Settings ) OR the date time format of the Operating System OR Excel.

Print The Sales Target Report

Tagrain allows you to print the Sales Target Report. You can follow the steps below to print the Sales Target Report.

Step 1. Generate the Sales Target Report Report.  

Step 2. Click the Print button to open the Print Preview page. 

Step 3. Select the destination printer. 

Step 4. Specify the number of copies and pages to be printed.

Step 5. Click on the Print button to print the Sales Target Report Report. 

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